API Interface Specification


Wilcom’s EWA Embroidery Web API is embroidery automation capabilities for web developers of embroidery and apparel companies who want to add embroidery capabilities to their websites, web applications, and internal business systems.

EWA API provides means to automatically visualize, create and manipulate embroidery designs and lettering. It provides selected capabilities of Wilcom’s embroidery lettering and digitizing software via Restful API and is fully compatible with Wilcom’s popular .EMB design format.

Purpose of this Document

This document describes the software interface details of the EWA Embroidery Web API software in technical terms for software developers.


Refer also to the separate Product Description document for an explanation of the API in non-technical end user terminology.


Wilcom .EMB file. This is an embroidery design file created by a Wilcom embroidery design software. The EMB is a Wilcom propriety format, it includes stitches, objects with their properties, like shape, stitch type, underlay stitches, pull compensation, thread type and color sequence, multiple colorways, lettering objects, monogramming objects, optionally: artwork, fabric type and garment image. The EMB file can be exported to a so called “machine file” (for example a Tajima .DST file), a file that is readable by an embroidery machine and therefore the design can be stitched on the machine.  Most API calls provided by this service change the object properties of an EMB file (for example the text in a lettering object or the color sequence in an existing design) therefore achieving the required results that the user wants. We call these object properties “recipe” in this document. A recipe contains the instructions on what object properties need to be changed and to what value. Wilcom TrueView™ image. This is a transparent PNG file showing the embroidery design rendered in a 3-Dimensional simulation. It is used to show customers what the embroidery would look like if it was stitched on a garment.