Obtain a transparent TrueView™ image by modifying the properties of lettering objects and monogram lettering objects inside an existing design. The TrueView™ image is 1:1 size will have a transparent background (i.e. PNG file with transparency).

Also obtain information about the produced design, such as height, width, number of stitches, etc, as the api/designInfo function.

Post Parameters:

  • appId: Application id of Wilcom API Develop Portal account.
  • appKey: Application key of Wilcom API Develop Portal account.
  • requestXml: an XML string containing the full specification of the components of design:
<design   ... />		//design
<output … />			//output
  <files   … />			//files

Return Values:

On success, an XML string containing the generated Trueview:

    <file ... />			// resulting trueview file
  <design_info ... /> 			// estimated design information


The method will create a design based on an existing design with modified properties of lettering object inside. The existing design is appointed by design component and the design file content is in files part.

The properties of lettering object are in lettering_objects component inside design.

The properties of monogram object are in monogram_objects component inside design.

It will then create a transparent bitmap of the produced design that will be returned in files part of the return value, named according to the trueview_file parameter of the output component of the recipe.

It will then create the design information about the produced design that will be returned in design_info part of the return value. This method does not return the actual embroidery design data – only an image of what the design would look like. Use api/editDesign to get the actual embroidery data.