Obtain a single design file by auto digitizing the vector artwork. Actual design data in .EMB format, and/or other supported formats is returned.

The supported vector formats are listed here: Vector formats

Also, optionally generate a transparent TrueView™ image of the design as api/newDesignTrueview function. Obtain information about the produced design, such as height, width, number of stitches, etc, as the api/designInfo function.

Post Parameters:

  • appId: Application id of Wilcom API Develop Portal account.
  • appKey: Application key of Wilcom API Develop Portal account.
  • requestXml: an XML string containing a single bitmap file:
  <vector … />
  <autodigitize_options … />
  <output … />
    <file ... />			// vector  file.

Return Values:

On success, an XML string containing the design information:

    <file ... />		// resulting design and trueview file
  <design_info ... /> 		// estimated design information


The vector appoints which file will be processed in files . Please read Vector Recipe: vector XML Data for more information.

The autodigitize_options appoints some options which will be used when auto digitizing Please read Auto Digitize Options Recipe: autodigitize_options XML Data for more information.

The output specifies the output format and version of the function. Please read Output for more information.

The files contains the file name and file content of bitmap files in request which will be processed and created embroidery design and trueview in the return.  Please read Files: files XML Data for more information.

It will then create the design information about the produced design that will be returned in design_info part of the return value. Please read Design Information: design_info XML Data for more information.

There are some limitations for input vector file. Please read Auto digitize limitations.