Monogram Lettering

   text="abc"				// the text 
   style="style_01"			// the initials layout style
   alphabet_name="Block2"		// the alphabet name
   height="12">			        // lettering height, in mm
   <thread .../>			// monogram lettering thread

The monogram_lettering component specifies the lettering object inside the monogram.

The style string must be in the form of “style_01”, “style_02”, etc. up to “style_23”, specifying one of 23 layout styles supported by Wilcom ES Monogram:

For backward compatibility, the style name is same as Embroidery Studio E3.   Embroidery Studio E4 display the icons in its GUI in following order:

  1. style_05
  2. style_04
  3. style_06
  4. style_01
  5. style_09
  6. style_23
  7. style_07
  8. style_17
  9. style_08
  10. style_18
  11. style_02
  12. style_03
  13. style_19
  14. style_20
  15. style_21
  16. style_22
  17. style_11
  18. style_10
  19. style_12
  20. style_13
  21. style_14
  22. style_15
  23. style_16

You can use same order if you want to match your GUI to Embroidery Studio E4 GUI.

As with simple lettering, the height specifies the height of the text in mm, and the alphabet_name specifies the embroidery font. The thread specifies the thread for the monogram lettering. There is a limitation to specify color for some special alphabets that have letters with saved colors/functions, see Letters created with unchecked remove functions.