<colorway name=”xxxx”>
         <thread color="32768" code="xx" brand="xx" description="xx" />
         <thread color="1554175" code="xx" brand="xx" description="xx" />

The recolor element is to replace the colorway of an existing design.  The colorway to be replaced is appointed by colorwaytype and colorway of design. The colorway and stop sequence information of the existing design can be retrieved by API designinfo or designtrueview.

The recolor element can be used by following API

colorway element is described in section Colorway information. Only name and list of thread work for recolor.

  • The colorway name will be changed to the value of name.
  • The colors in colorway will be exact same as the provided thread list. Except:
    • The color index which used by the design is out of range of provided threads list. The EWA will append colors from original design into colorway by position until reach latest used color.
    • Provided thread list contains too many colors. Only first 128 colors will be used in colorway.

The recoloring is the first thing to do in API side. For example, when use newdesign to combine an existing design with a lettering, API will recolor the design first then add the lettering to design. Another example is editdesign. The recoloring will be done first then change the lettering’s properties if both recolor and lettering_objects or monogram_objects exist.