API Information: api_info XML Data

<api_info> 				// api information
  <api_version				// api version
     major="1" 				// version major
     minor="5" 				// version minor
     build="2"				// build number
     private="0"			// private number
  <alphabets>				// list of alphabets 
       name="Block1"			// name of alphabet
  <full_version>			// full version information
    <api_version 			// api version as above
       major="1" minor="5" build="2" private="0" />
    <internal_api_version 		// internal api version
       major="2" minor="2" build="2" private="0" />


The api_info xml string is used in:


The api_info consists of an api_version and a list of supported alphabets on the system.

The api_version specifies the major, minor, build and the private number of the API version.

The information for each alphabet contains the alphabet name which should be supplied in the lettering decorations. The API can only create lettering decorations from alphabets that are returned by this function. The alphabet name may have spaces in it.

The full_version contains more detailed version information. It contains an internal_api_version for support. In the future, the API information may be extended with other data.