Monogram Ornament

   is_motif="true"			// motif or file
   alphabet_name="01Monogram Ornaments"	// motif alphabet name
   name="M001a"				// motif or file name
   width="0"				// width of ornament (or 0 for default)
   height="0"				// height of ornament(or 0 for default)
   style="duplicates">			// ornament style
   <transform... />			// ornament transform, scale not used
   <positions>				// ornament positions
   <thread .../>			// monogram ornament thread

The monogram_ornament component specifies the ornament set inside the monogram. The ornament set is comprised of an ornament repeated in a number of positions around (or under) the monogram lettering. The ornament can be specified from either a motif or an embroidery file, which is controlled by the is_motif.

  • If the ornament is a motif, then the alphabet_name specifies the motif embroidery alphabet, and the name specifies the motif name.
  • If the ornament is a filename, then the name should specify the filename, and the alphabet_name is ignored. The file content is base64 encoded in files element.

The width and height of the ornament can optionally specify the desired size to scale each ornament before positioning it. Specifying zero for both height and width will leave the ornament unscaled.

The ornament style specifies an additional layout style for ornaments, and can be either of “mirrors”, “duplicates” or “cycle”.

The transform specifies the remaining ornament transform, again applied to each ornament before positioning it. As the width and height already specify the optional scaling width and height, the scale parameter of the transform is ignored. The dx parameter specifies the distance from lettering, and for all but the “centre_centre” positions, the dy parameter is ignored.

A list of positions specifies the positions of ornaments in the ornament set around the monogram lettering. There are 9 possible positions: “top_left”, “top_centre”, “top_right”, “centre_left”, “centre_centre”, “centre_right”, “bottom_left”, “bottom_centre” and “bottom_right”. The thread specifies the thread for the monogram ornament set.