Team Name Options

   name1_height="1.0" 			 // height of the first column
   name2_height="1.0" 			 // height of the second column
   name3_height="1.0" 			 // height of the third column
   output="single_design_team_lettering" // single or multiple design output

The team_name_options component specifies additional team name lettering options.

These options contain specification of the individual heights for each of the team name columns: name1_height, name2_height & name3_height. These are specified as a ratio to the default team lettering height, eg a value of 1.2 would specify 120%.

Additionally, the team name options specify the type of output required for the final team name design. The possible values are “single_design_team_lettering” and “multiple_designs”.

When “single_design_team_lettering” is used, the output will be a single EMB file that includes the whole team name lettering Wilcom ES object with multiple names. This single file will then have to be post-processed by high-level Wilcom ES software for production purposes. This is the output type recommended for the clients that own Wilcom ES software, because of greater possibilities of post-processing depending on the production needs. The other clear advantage is that of only having to manage a single file.

The “multiple_designs” option allows to produce multiple production-ready EMB designs that do not need to be further post-processed. Such designs can then be loaded into low-level Wilcom TrueSizer software for production. This option is recommended for clients that do not own Wilcom ES software.

The names of the multiple files produced with the “multiple_designs” option are auto-generated from the trueview_file and design_file parameters, by means of appending the 1-based team name index to the filename. E.g. if 3 team names are supplied and the design_file specifies “design.emb”, the files generated will be “design1.emb”, “design2.emb” & “design3.emb”, corresponding to the team names 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

Note that the “multiple_designs” option is a superset of the “single_design_team_lettering”, in that the single team lettering design is still produced as well. It is also a more resource-intensive option.