Team Name Lettering

   <transform... />
      <simple_lettering... />	// lettering parameters(“text” is ignored)
      <thread... />			// default thread for all team names
      <team_name_options... />	// additional team  name options
      <team_names... />		// specification of each team name

The team name lettering decoration is specified by a team_name_lettering component. There can only be one team_name_lettering decoration in the whole specification.

As all other components, the team_name_lettering supports a transform.

The simple_lettering component specifies the lettering parameters of the Team Name Lettering objects. The text attribute of the simple_lettering is ignored for team name lettering, as the text for individual team name members is specified in greater detail by the team_names.

The thread component specifies the default thread for each generated team name lettering object. However, it can be optionally overridden with another thread for any particular team_name if specified.

The team_name_options component specifies additional team name lettering options. The team_names component specifies the individual team names.