Obtain a 1:1 TrueView™ realistic embroidery simulation image for each of the colorways of an existing design that you provide.  The TrueView™ image will have a transparent background (i.e. PNG file with transparency).

Also obtain metadata information about the design, such as height, width, number of stitches, etc.

Post Parameters:

  • appId: Application id of Wilcom API Develop Portal account.
  • appKey: Application key of Wilcom API Develop Portal account.
  • requestXml: an XML string containing a list of a single design file, whose metadata and TrueView™ files to obtain:
   <design … />
   <trueview_options … />
   <recolor … />
    <file ... />				// design file

Return Values:

On success, an XML string containing the design information, and TrueView™ files:

  <design_info ... /> 				// design information
  <files>					// trueviews
    <file ... />
    <file ... />


The API allows the client to obtain various information about the design and the TrueViews™ of current, all or specified colorways in design.

design is optional parameter. The default behaviour is equal colorwaytype is current.

The filename of file in response will be colorway name plus extension except when a design contains more than one colorway and the colorwaytype is current. In this scenario, the filename will be Default.png. This tiny problem will be fixed soon.

trueview_options is optional parameter, specified the options like dpi for resulting trueview.

trueview_options is optional parameter, specified the colors to replace the colorway of design.

See details in the XML Data Package Definitions section of this document.