design_file="final_design.emb"	// for GenerateDesign only
   design_version=""			// optional design version
   dpi ="120"				// optional dpi of turview


The output component specifies the output of the function.

The trueview_file parameter is a filename identifier for the resulting TrueView™ preview bitmap. It is compulsory for api/newDesignTrueview and api/newLetteringPreview functions and is optional for api/newDesign function.

The design_file parameter is a filename identifier for the resulting final embroidery design. It is compulsory for api/newDesign function. It is ignored for api/newDesignTrueview and api/newLetteringPreview functions.

The EWA doesn’t support Unicode in output filename now. So, it limits that only 0-9, a-z, A-Z, “-“, “_” and space are allowed in the filename part of trueview_file and design_file .  An error with useful information will be returned if client uses unsupported characters.

The design_version parameter is a string that optionally specifies the version for the design file saved. If the design_version is absent, or is specified as empty, the latest version of the design file is saved (e4.5).

The allowed version strings are changed in EWA4.5 to match those from the formats list in the “Save As” dialog of the English language Wilcom ES software. For example,

  • “Wilcom All-in-One Designs e4.5 (*.EMB)”                specifies saving in e4.5 format.
  • “Wilcom All-in-One Designs e4.2 (*.EMB)”                specifies saving in e4.2 format.
  • “Wilcom All-in-One Designs e4.1 (*.EMB)”                specifies saving in e4.1 format.
  • “Wilcom All-in-One Designs e4.0 (*.EMB)”                specifies saving in e4 format.
  • “Wilcom All-in-One Designs e3.6 (*.EMB)”                specifies saving in e3.6 format (version of .EMB created for Hatch home software).
  • “Wilcom All-in-One Designs e3.5 (*.EMB)”                specifies saving in e3.5 format (version of .EMB created for Hatch home software).
  • “Wilcom All-in-One Designs e3 (*.EMB)”                  specifies saving in e3 format.
  • “Wilcom All-in-One Designs e2 (*.EMB)”                  specifies saving in e2 format.

Saving back to earlier versions of .EMB is not supported, as is the case in Wilcom ES Software version e4/4.1.

The design version string must match the extension specified in design_file. The design version can only be specified for Wilcom native formats like .EMB. It cannot be specified for stitch formats like .DST. The dpi parameter is an integer, specified the dpi of resulting image. Default value is 96. Default value will be use if it is missing or equal or less than 0. The Max value is 300.