Team Names

<team_names>			// specification of each team name
   <team_name 			// team name 1
      name1="aa" 		// team name1's column 1 text
      name2="bb" 		// team name1's column 2 text
      name3="cc" 		// team name1's column 3 text
   <team_name 			// team name 2
      name3="ff" >
      <thread... />		// optional specifying special thread for this
                                // particular team name
   </team_name>			// team name 3, etc

The team_names specifies a list of required team names.

Each team_name specifies the text of the lettering object by means of 3 sub-names: name1, name2 and name3. The actual text is obtained by concatenating the 3 names using a space as the separator. The typical usage for the names is to correspond to the first name, middle name, and last name of a person. Each of the names is optional, and in fact the whole text (with spaces) can be specified in any single sub-name, and the others left blank. However, the splitting of the text to sub-names allows further control of individual column’s parameters, eg allowing to make all last names have greater height than the first names.

Additionally, each team_name can optionally specify its own thread, if it is required to be different to the default thread specified as part of the team_name_lettering. If the team’s name-specific thread is not specified, the default thread will be used for that team name.