file="logo1.emb"		// name of the emb file
   colorwaytype="specified"	// colorway type:current, all or specified
   colorway="White">		// name of the colorway

   <transform... />
   <lettering_objects... />	// opt change lettering objects in a design
   <monogram_objects... />	// opt change monogram objects in a design

The design decoration is specified by a named design file, an optional design colorwaytype, colorway, and a transform.

Additionally, if the design contains existing lettering objects and monogram objects, they can be modified using lettering_objects and monogram_objects by calling editDesign/editDesignTrueview. The newDesign/newDesignTrueview will ignore lettering_objects and monogram_objects element.

The file itself must be supplied in the list of files.

The colorwaytype parameter specifies what kind of colorway image will be returned. It can be one of the following 3 values:

  • “current”: Default value. Returns the TrueView of the current colorway.
  • “all”: Returns TrueViews for all colorways. Ignored in newDesignTrueview for now.
  • “specified”: The colorway parameter only works with this option. Only the TrueView of the colorway named by colorway is returned. If the colorway is not specified, newDesignTrueview will use the current colorway. designTrueview will return an error.

The transform element will be ignored in designTrueview.